Welcome to Odessa, the city which has been treated kindly by popularity and love, to a dream city, a pearl at the sea, Southern Palmyra.

Odessa is the one of the most popular resorts at the Black Sea coast. Everybody will find here in this beautiful city all conditions which are necessary for high-grade rest.

Here numerous sanatoriums, recreation centers, pensions and children camps are placed. You will find in Odessa various sights, historical monuments, museums, etc as well.

The Opera House, the Potyomkinskaya stairs, the City Garden, the monument to Duke, a monument to founders of Odessa, the well-known Deribasovskaya street, and also the considerable quantity of museums and other monuments of architecture and art grant the right to name Odessa as a cultural capital of the Black Sea coast of Ukraine.

As well as any seaside city, Odessa is famous with its fine beaches. A coastal line from «Lanzheron» to «Fountain» represents, as a matter of fact, one continuous urban beach. Here, at coast, except for sea, sun and medical air you will find considerable quantity of cafe and restaurants, night clubs and entertaining centers.

You must visit dolphinarium «Nemo» with its enchanting shows and unforgettable impressions located at the «Lanzheron» beach! And what about well-known Arcadia with its night lights, music, fun, an incalculable variety of restaurants and clubs where you can satisfy all your musical and gustatory preferences!

Vacation in Odessa is interesting at any season of the year because of various festivals, exhibitions and actions which take place here. Body-Art Festival, Laugh Day, City Day, Jazz Festival and quantity of other interesting actions.

We are waiting for you!